Eight lies that you must refuse to achieve your goals

Ever happened to you that you’re involved in a project you love and is an ignorant fool and tells you you’re wasting your time? From their point of view, you do not have any value.

I offer you 8 lies that you hear when you strive for your goals:

1) You can achieve your dream at another time. Now you have to focus on more important things.

What other time? When will this another time? I do not like that uncertainty. Saying that is like saying: “Eventually you’ll forget. Are alive today, tomorrow, who knows. “Chasing dreams is the meaning of life. Therefore, it is something that is very important.

2) You’ll feel bad if it does not work.

Wrong! In the worst case, if you do not work the same as you normally do now.

3) Do not leave your job because it’s safer.

Sure, I guess. But you know what is even safer than that? Back home, throw your dreams down the toilet and settle for what little you have compared to how much you could achieve and that your conscience demands it. Remember: “The insurance does not mean the best.”

4) You’re not realistic about your current situation.

Maybe the conditions or circumstances around you are not the best, but that is precisely the reason why you should strive to achieve your goals and change your situation.

Look, the star of this video was 20 years in a wheelchair until the technology came knocking. Thanks to a robotic exoskeleton has become a walk.

5) Do not have access to adequate resources.

It is about having adequate resources is to use the resources you have access. Stevie Wonder was blind and his hearing developed a passion for music, and has won 25 Grammy Awards. Do you understand?

6) That is reserved only for a few lucky or gifted.

The “lucky few” had the guts to do something about it. They had the determination and will power you have now. You can be one of them. Up to you and only you.

Could this child become the best basketball player of all time? Why not?

7) You need to save more money to take the first step.

You do not need more money. You need a plan. You need a budget. Remove all nonessential spending in your life. Ask yourself: “What steps I can take right now with money and resources I have right now for me to approach the desired goal?”

8) It takes a lot of work.

But this does not mean it’s not worth it. I believe that success in life depends on one key point: hard to find a job you do with passion. Hard work is not difficult when you focus on your passions and dreams.

Remember, fight for your dreams (see video)

God give you long life and wisdom for living. Be kind enough to read these two websites http://tinyurl.com/77ydsfl and http://tinyurl.com/7t7t2sm

Luis Carlos Lamadrid, a research scientist at the positive mindset


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