Focus on the present: an ability to achieve your purposes in life

I’m sure you’ve heard many times that one of the most important secret to happiness is to acquire the ability to live in the present; however, occupy much time remembering our past or projecting into the future, we leave this in second place.

Live the present with love: that is the key to happiness.

We invest time to remember our past, either because “the past was better”, “remember is to live again”, or because we can not forgive someone who hurt us or even because we can not forget a mistake we made and we live reproaching for that miss. We spend time thinking about the future, because we hope that over time things will get better in one way or another.
The reality is that this time we occupy “living in the past or the future” is a complete waste. As much as we hate to accept something that is over, the reality is we can not do anything to change, what we can do is deal with the consequences or effects of that event, but nothing we can do this in the past. Dedicate only to dream of a better future and still you stay in this not serve you much. Undoubtedly your life can improve, but not for what you plan to do in the future, but for what they do at present, at this very moment.

In his famous book “The Power of Now” (The Power of Now), Eckhart Tolle offers a radically different approach that we use over time. The author basically states that time does not exist, there is only now! Past and future are only an illusion built on images that are remembered or imagined in the present. Contrary to what we normally think, life is not a straight line with a beginning and an end, life is reduced only to a point, a moment: the moment, the present, now.

How to live in the present?

To live in the present is need for us to learn. When you were a girl or boy, you’re probably completely involved (body, mind and soul) playing with your dolls or your carts (or toy cars). At that time, do not care what happened before or what would happen next. Only dedicated you to play and enjoy your game. As you become more “learned” that you should worry about the things you did or what would happen later. This does not mean you can act without considering the consequences, but the idea is to learn to take in every moment the best decision possible.

However, think about the past or the future for many people becomes an obsessive and often this occurs involuntarily. Our mind creates many recurring thoughts, annoying, useless, let us not sleep or rest assured that create depressions or sometimes simply do not let us live. For example, there is a case of fear to the end of the world.

As you know, this fear is not new, probably your parents and grandparents also had; most religions have long promoted. Hollywood has created a huge industry on the basis only of a possible apocalypse. Since 2000, every year we have been warned or threatened with the end of the world.

Can you reach the end of the world? Probably so. Can you do something about it? Very probably not.

Whether or not the world comes to an end, the best thing one can do is live the remainder of life as best as possible, and that way is to enjoy what you do in the present.

The role of thoughts in your life.

The uncontrolled thoughts can impair your quality of life. If you want to learn to control your thoughts, you only have to watch your mind.

How can you do that? In fact, it is easy …

Close your eyes for a moment and pay attention to the thoughts that cross your mind, without judging them or give them much importance, just watch them.

If you’re in a time when a lot of thoughts going through your mind in a disorderly way, with this simple exercise you will see as an almost magical thoughts flow tends to decrease, reaching practically leave your mind blank . You can see that even if your mind is free from thoughts, you’re still there.

Here is another fundamental concept: you are more than your mind.

The mind can make you believe that it is she who is in charge of your life, but it is not. Who is in charge of your life (or who should be) you, and you can learn to control your mind and your thoughts. This is probably the task or perform more complicated discipline, however, is that essentially determine your quality of life. Even in the most complicated is necessary that you monitor your thoughts to prevent a chain reaction to increasingly negative thoughts you inclined to act in a degraded or fall into a vicious cycle of thoughts that immobilize.

Many people who have lived through very complicated, as the loss of a loved one, serious illness, major economic losses, etc.., With further analysis conducted in a calm and we found that these events “undesirables” are ultimately accounts, which show us the best lessons of our lives, so it is best to try to maintain equanimity to the events and thereafter act as cleverly as possible to lessen the severity of its effects or exploits benefits.

The power to succeed is within you! Take advantage of it now!

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Luis Carlos Lamadrid, a research scientist for personal development.


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