Five types of foods you should eat to reach your goals

Summer is a time of diets for many people who want to reduce those extra kilos you have gained over the winter. All diets are not suitable for maintaining good health because they depend on each individual case. The basis of a correct diet is to eat everything in perspective and the healthiest way possible. So this time we want to highlight belt types of foods that should feature in any healthy diet.

Our body requires a number of nutrients to function properly, and therefore our duty to provide it with them as best as possible. Many of the diets we follow this nutrient is scarce. This represents a danger in maintaining the correct levels in the body and proper functioning of the same, so it is necessary to have a food guide that we should not ignore.


The fruit is an essential source of vitamins and minerals. This is a food that contains no fat, and helps us preserve the proper functioning of cells. It is therefore necessary daily intake, and to help us protect ourselves from external aggressions suffered by cells that are responsible for premature aging of the same. It is true that the fruit also contains carbohydrates, so that no abuse them, and must always consumed in the morning, because it is the time in which the metabolism works faster and is more easily consume the excess glucose.


Like the fruit, contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals, which makes this food group on a daily essential in any healthy diet. Vegetables also provide us with no fat and help us to maintain proper body functioning. This type of food can be consumed at any time, only we know how to prepare to avoid adding fat. So eat it steamed, roasted or raw is the best option. We must not forget the contribution of fiber that we provide and help us keep our body free of toxins purged.


Fish is one of the best sources of protein available to us. Fish protein provides us with a high biological value and easily assimilated by the body. This nutrient is necessary to maintain muscle tissue and in perfect condition. But not only the fish gives us this nutrient, it is necessary to emphasize their mineral content and low caloric intake. Next to that oily fish contains essential fatty acids and essential to the agency such as omega-3 to help us have a proper heart health.


Cereals are the staple diet of every human being, as we provide carbohydrates, the fuel that our cells need to make the body function properly. We need to give you daily intake of carbohydrates required, which depends on the lifestyle we have and the physical activity we perform. All cereals also provide us with B vitamins, necessary for the proper functioning of the body. A point to consider is how to choose the type of cereal that we will bring to the mouth, and is to be integral to what advantage the body better and avoid surges in glucose, which is what we generates fat and increased body size. Leaving aside the refined flour is the first step.


Infusions are not considered by many as a food, but actually give us more than we think, is that in its composition provide large amounts of antioxidants, in addition to other substances or active ingredients that will help us when get proper body functioning. The infusions are often an adjunct to diet, so if we want to be well fed we must not forget in our daily menu, then help us to better digest and assimilate food and to speed up metabolism, or get a perfect debugging thereof.

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Luis Carlos Lamadrid, a research scientist at the physical and mental health.


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