Saying sorry: an effective tactic for success

“I think apologizing is the most magical gesture, reconciliation and healing that can make a human being. It is the essence of the work I do with executives who want to improve, “said Marshall Goldsmith in his book “How Successful People Become Even More Successful”

The act of apologizing is an honorable gesture, reconciler, comforting.

When you ask for forgiveness is not lowering your dignity, instead, you reinforce your image of honest and responsible for your actions.

Both professionally and personally, apologize is a magical gesture heal emotional wounds. All apologies, from the smallest to the pardon of President Lincoln to the people for slavery in America, deserve to be considered as a magical attitude.

If properly consider the power of apology, we see that, in business terms, ask for forgiveness can be a unique strategy. Among all the important things that can be used as a tool, that has no force of apology.

“I apologize”, “sorry”, “my fault”, “I feel responsible for this”. “Yes, maybe there were other factors, but I had much to do with this problem.”

These magic words reinforce relationships. Clarify a problem, solve a misunderstanding … This drives the relationship and makes it stronger.

Tell the truth and act with transparency so that they understand your problem

In March 1977, in Solar Water company, a brand that once had a market share of 50%, it emerged that its mineral water contains bacteria that, while not harmful to health, was forbidden. Solar based its communication strategy in advertising saturation, leaving aside the public relations activity. He was wrong, not rectified and today occupies an insignificant place in the market.

A similar, but more successfully resolved was that of Perrier. In 1990 were detected in their water bottles mineral concentrations of benzene three times higher than allowed. The French group’s initial reaction was to recall a batch of bottles and minimize the importance of the event. Sales began to suffer and Perrier reacted, recognizing and admitting the problem and initiating a media campaign that led him to apologize to the different audiences. The company acknowledged its error, corrected in time and now occupies again the leadership.

Talk to your peers about the effectiveness of the apology

Treat it as a professional practice. Recognize it as one of the few that can be part of the key strategic competencies.

There is a delay in a project and it is clear that the main culprit is you. Rarely the blame for one person, but you decide to load all the blame.

The attitude of apologizing and acknowledging the mistakes is a gentlemanly which also serves to persuade your partner that you are an honest person, willing to learn from his mistakes and wants to cooperate in all that is necessary to achieve common goals. This behavior meets the feelings of others, who later become an ally to help you achieve your personal goals.

Humanity wants to enjoy your spiritual greatness. Show her with pride!

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Luis Carlos Lamadrid, research scientist for the personal developtment.


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